Fire Shutters, Smoke & Fire Curtains

About Security can supply and install a full range of Fire Shutters, Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains to match individual requirements.

Each is manufactured to accommodate the various situations, requirements and adhere to the relevant regulations.

Fire shutters offer the use of the shutter for security reasons and day to day normal usage such as reception areas, kitchens, serveries etc and when linked to the fire relay they close on a command to contain fire and prevent the spread of the fire, fire curtains can also hold back fire and prevent the spread, smoke curtains also contain smoke seals to also hold back the spread of smoke generated by a fire.

Fire curtains and smoke curtains have the curtains manufactured from a fire resistant soft material that does not radiate as much heat as Steel Fire Shutters and as such they cannot be considered as a security product.

Steel Fire Shutters coil into larger head boxes and generally have larger side guides and fixing angles than Fire & Smoke Curtains that coil into much smaller headboxes due to the thinness of the material that the curtains are manufactured from.

These shutters and curtains are usually wired into a fire relay panel that works in conjunction with a fire signal from the fire alarm, various relays, warning panels and sirens are also available and partial two stage closing and timed delayed closing are also available from the various relays.

Fire shutters can be completely polyester powder coat paint finished to any RAL colour, the headboxes, side guides and bottom rails of Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains can also be powder coated.

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About Security's Fire Shutters, Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains